watch out for EMERGENCY RATE CUT

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chewbacca, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. use stops on your shorts - not that it'll help you on a day like this
  2. HA ha ha markets now 140 points off lows

    short suckers lose again

    no one cares about the bear sterns. Bull market continues.
  3. actually......i don't thik we'll get a cut since the fed meeting is only 2 days away........but if we're down like -600 going into the weekend.......i'm sure the fed will say or do something to pop futures 300 points.
  4. Yep.. here is the playbook for the day...

    Release manipulated CPI number, market soars - Check

    Leak news of Bear Sterns, market tanks - Check

    Fed steps in with emergency rate cut, hooray everything is great again...
  5. i think it some short coverinbg. they will dump again on this strength.
  6. Fed meeting is just around the corner.
    Don't think they will need an emergency cut.

    And yes you should be very careful if shorting now.