Watch Me Win the September Contest

Discussion in 'Forex' started by pipscooper, Aug 27, 2005.

pipscooper's ending percent change will be:

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  1. Above 500%

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  2. 400% to 500%

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  3. 300% to 400%

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  4. 200% to 300%

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  5. 100% to 200%

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  6. 0% to 100%

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  7. -100% to 0%

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  8. Less than -100%

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  1. I have entered the September monthly trading contest being run at Interbank FX. You can watch my progress here:

    I am competing in the Expert Advisor division. My strategy is to put the pedal to the metal. I am confident I will end up on top. :D Is anyone else from ET competing in this contest in either category? Anyone else care to show off their live money trading skills?

    Feel free to post your own live money FX trading in this thread.
  2. Giveaway a Mini Cooper or a 10k prize and make it worth the effort otherwise I will spend my energy making REAL money thanks.:)
  3. Yeah, who gave away that mini cooper last time? I heard about it but didn't participate.
  4. JR97


    The InterbankFX contest is trading with real money.

    I'm entering the discretion side of the contest. I've got a programmer working on my system to automate it, and then I'll give you a run for your money in the Oct. or Nov. expert advisor division!
  5. Will you be using your ET handle or have you selected a different one for the contest? I know one other very talented trader who may enter into the manual trader category. If this trader enters, you will be up against some serious competition in that category. The trader I'm referring to doesn't post on ET.
  6. mahras2


    I might be entering in October. Already trade solely through automation. Best of luck. Hope your systems stack up....I happen to know quite a few of the winning guys as well as past winners ;). They are gonna be tough to beat. (However the traders individually are volatile but this group of traders usually end up at the top)
  7. Mahras

    Nice to c you from the moneytec forum here. I will be vying for the interbankfx honours in October. Right now, I am on 100 pip a day strategy,trading the tokio session. Hopefully, I will have 7 or 8 winning days out of 10, which gives me an edge over the competition. Most traders rarely made even 200 pips a month.

    Are there other forex brokers offering competition. I know if but their platform is shitty and disconnects, with open trades disappearing without getting closed.

    I am looking for a platform that will work from behind a firewall. mgforex works but it gives me too much problems
  8. U can win the mgforex competition only once. to start trading, you need to register and pay around $45 for the competiton. Other paid up traders are eligible for the price but there are whole lot of rules about when to withdraw the money etc.

    Why doesnt interbankfx outline how its winners trade? I see the same flaw with fxcm. they make lots of claims about their winners but dont disclose how they won the competition.
  9. JR97


    I'll be using a different one. I'll post it when I register.

    I've seen some of the results in the manual division. Pretty impressive. I figure at worst I make 20-30% on the month. Either way, contest trading is a lot different than how I trade my regular account. Sort of like the difference between a Poker tourny and a Poker cash game. You'd never win a poker tourny playing consevative and safe the whole time.
  10. mahras2


    They really cant disclose how they trade. Thats giving away trade secrets. However most guys there are overleveraged, over trade and thast why IBFX is making so much money out of that contest. Notice how only positive returns are posted ;).

    Hmmm can your returns be sustained? If you can return 30% a month in two years every dollar you have is worth 542 bucks. Pretty nice number to look at but statistically you will probably fail at that. However, feel free to achieve those numbers and become the next financial superstar ;).
    #10     Aug 28, 2005