Watch me turn 200 dollars into 5k

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  1. Hi guys, i'm pretty low right now, just lost all of my cash pretty much in my last trade, been trading for 2 years. since i was 17 years old. Well heres the deal. I'm gonna turn 200 dollars into 5k. I'm going to do that and i'm going to show you. However at the moment i am broke. This is the pathetic part. I know some of you guys make big bucks so i ask this.

    Someone out there who has a kind heart and wants to help out a young trader like myself. I need a donation of a small 200 dollars into my scottrade account. Yes i can make that money on my own, although not easy(have to take care of siblings so hard to work at a job). Yes this is a pathetic plea for money, however it is too a good cause... private message me if you want to help or want to know more....
  2.'re panhandling on a trading forum?:confused:
  3. Havn't seen this one yet.....
  4. PM sent. I will send you $5000.00, no stings attached.
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    Oh ya? Well I'm going to take $2 to $10 million.
  6. what will you trade with the $200
  7. I'm watching. So far I haven't seen anything.
  8. stings(Bzzzzzzzzz)
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