Watch Me Trade....100 Bucks to 100 Grand!

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    In this Journal, I will report on my quest to turn $100 to $100K. I will start by trading this little money in the forex market, because it is the only market I know where one can trade with such low sum and yet apply trading principles. Once the balance is high enough, parts of funds would be directed in other markets (stocks and options).

    First possible surprise: I will start trading with $10 instead of the whole $100 for a number of reasons---some of which I can share, some of which I would share, and some of which I cannot share.
    I just moved the $10 to a forex account few moments ago. Balance at 9:00PM on November 23, 2009 is $10.

    I would not be able to follow all pairs, so if you see a pair moving, or if you think it is about to move, post it here to help me not miss consider it for trading.

    My visual goal is to raid the accounts of other traders!
  2. Balance at 9:03PM on November 23, 2009 is 26 cents.
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    In other words he hasn't washed out yet. :)
  4. This thread is useless w/o updates
  5. he already traded his $10 to 100k no need to post.
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    Tom C

    billbob how's the trading?
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    I started trading since the beginning of the year (2010).

    I made 30% realized gains so far. There is also some unrealized gains. So return so far is above 30%. All of it is forex trading.
  8. holycow u made 30% return already? dang.....that's like 30 bucks.......go billybob!!!
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    1. I will try to post returns only after more than 25 trades. Do you know why? (Answer in a next post). I made more than 40 trades this year.

    2. I welcome questions, but reserve the right not to answer.

    If you are a beginner trader, congratulations! Your mind is not yet corrupted. I believe that more than 90% of what one reads is false with a probability of 90%. So 81% (0.90*0.90) of what one reads is useless at best and maybe harmful.

    Stay tuned!
  10. I too plan on achieving this goal. Here are my restrictions:

    1. I will only tell you things that seem to create an illusion of expertise. I will post nothing to substantiate any facts - including that I even have a brokerage account.
    2. I will tell you nothing about my trading setups or styles of trading. Simply telling you all that I am well on my way to my goal should suffice.
    3. I might consider giving out nuggets of information - but for a price. I will sell 100 of these "nuggets" for $1000 each. Only then will I tell you how I have become so successful.

    Piss off dude...I wish there was stronger administration at ET.
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