Watch me trade 1 dollar to 90 million.

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  1. I went long 1 powerball 90 million dollar call option. I have a 1 in 35 chance of being able to excercise my powerball call option and collect some intrinsic value over what I paid in premiums.

    My option's expiration is Saturday.

    I will update my journal accordingly.
  2. Can I go short on a case of MGD and a carton of Pall Malls when you go to the 7-11DAQ for next week's contract? I'd do it myself, but I over-leveraged on the PowerBall December 135,000,000s and they ended up OTM so I can't afford to get the El Camino fixed!
  3. LOL :D :D
  4. Wow, this is going to be great! A few questions about your methodology, how do you pick your numbers, is it a discretionary method or do you have some special indicators? Maybe you could post a screenshot.

    Oh and don't even waste my time unless you post your numbers before saturday, I need proof that you are the real deal!
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    I am in a similar trade mega millions I used the quick pick method to enter most likely use the trash can to get out.I always use the same set up go to 7 eleven for beer and ciggarettes and play on my way out.

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    i dont believe you. im fed up of reading your shit all over the internet.

    why dont you man up and show a screen shot of your bank account? i need to see proof of that $1 leaving your account, and the premiums running back in on expiry.

    of course, my opinion of you as an anonymous person on the other side of the world is extremely important to you, so youd better darn well do it, or my opinion of you will be trash.





  7. If it pans out, be sure to write a series of how-to books, and don't forget the seminar circuit.
  8. For some reason, I find this thread highly amusing! :D
  9. LOL
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