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    I trade the ES, GC, EUR/USD, AUD/USD. GBP/USD, and sometimes options on stocks. I have been trading for a living for four years, but haven't been able to break the glass ceiling that seems to be stunting my growth. I am starting this tread in the hope that I gain some insight into my bad habits or any area that needs improvement. The weakest part of my game has always been money management. So that will be a lot of my focus. I know that is the least interesting part of trading. But I think anyone can tell you their market bias, why and it be a valid outlook, but the ability to sustain a livelihood through manageable p&l is the key. I do not trade one specific system, I have 6 to 10 different systems that I trade depending on market conditions. I allow myself a lot of room to adjust those systems whenever I see fit. I am very happy entries exits, targets, the products I trade, and my ability to view the market that fits my trading style. But discipline in oversize trading when I am on a good run, and trading to big to make up for loses has been my down fall. So please feel free to comment and or add to this thread.
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