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Discussion in 'Trading' started by stonedinvestor, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. You know folks I'd love your input here but I've been struggling with what format to take. Everyone needs a format I guess-- TV? The wife keeps saying I might want to buy a box of Crest White Strips whatever the heck that is. Radio- Dead. satellite- Ever long standing hatred of sector thanks to Loral space and b schwartz don't get me started... Or a Blog? So many folks have said Just Blog blog, do blah blah blog. And I check these " blogs " out and they all suck. They are outdated and whenever I latch onto one inevitably the dude up and quits on me. They just trail off.
    And Google doesn't erase anything.

    Ok I found out about something called Covestor and I really like the basic premise the world can watch you live! And you can gather points or credits I don't understand this part but if enough people track your trades then a little $'s come your way. probably 30 cents but hey I'm officially out of work don't forget.

    Anyway security obviously was my biggest concern. I've been though that pretty darn carefully with the site's founder but I've chosen this format and if you choose to i'd love to have you check me out @
  2. ElCubano


    do they email me your trades or is there something more to it??
  3. No you have a live image of my etrade account.
    It's kind of silly i don't trade like that but you will catch days like yesterday when I do a reshuffle and put a lot of new names in and then I let things sit for a month. But of course the running commentary and agonizing and justifying will be there as always. It's a one way feed no BS system you can't make it up when all of the WORLD is watching! ~ I'm really nervously excited. This is my one chance to make the internet work for me. Everyone else has benefited it seems...