Watch Larry Kudlow Tonight 10-19-07

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  1. He will be calling for action NOW from the fed more rate cuts. When the market went up he shut up now that it ell all week he will be livid.
  2. maybe him and kramer can get up there and cry together .
    dumb asswads !!!!
  3. Whew...we closed very near the lows of the day.

    "Sad Money" show coming up soon....right after
    "My Fast Money is Gone".
  4. Why are we helping those morons with their ratings?
  5. you traders are really funny :D

    My god some of you do have a good sense of humor

    I guess after a beating like the market took today we all have to

    Be Careful in these markets<

    Take Care,

    Joe B
  6. Larry Clapload might have to cancel his show if this keeps up. That really is the best story never told.
  7. I wonder how long these shows can hold up in a bear market.
  8. Larry is tired of the dollar going down. he's had enough!
  9. Larry on CRACK Lo ?
  10. What a great new thread. "Financial Shows We'd Like to See"..
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