Watch indexes on Wednesday

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  1. Trendlines are showing me that Wednesday around 13:40est, there should be a significant trading opportunity in making. Your present method will tell you what to do ( or not to do ) .
    Is somebody's cycle or other analysis saying something similar ?
  2. I would like to point out the obvious. If there is a war ( finally ) with Iraq , my analysis will not be , most likely , accurate as it would be in normal market conditions.
  3. shyhh


    but how do you know the price is going to hit your Trendlines around 13:40est :confused:
  4. It is based on past experience with trendlines and market geometry.
    Right now is 11:41 est and I have signal at12:02est. If my filters will indicate favorable conditions I would enter trade.
    I usually do not initiate trade after 12:00 but others might.
  5. Next one should be at 12:42 est. It is 12:17est now.
  6. And the last one for today . 14:30 ish est.
    It is 13:45est.
  7. My cycle says:

    Bring me your meats and cheeses!!!!
    :cool: :cool: :cool:
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  8. If you reviewed times I posted ahead of the time, you should be able to see the accuracy of this method in intraday analysis.
    Wednesday time was posted 2 days ahead and it might require adjustment after Wednesday opening.
  9. One more for today, 10:50est
  10. I think it was a good point to start a long trade, how significant it is, we will find out tomorrow.
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