Watch in Realtime as I make $10k, or possibly (literally) DIE TRYING

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    so here is the deal. My last thread was pretty successful and I got a lot of great feedback from it. Some people started to take off with it, others did not..but I got hired to do a project for a large company and was not able to complete what I started at ET.

    Not a problem anymore.

    On Friday, Febuary 20th 2009 I was flown to Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa. For reasons we still do not know, MRSA and strep came back and infected my right hip. I went into shock and had a heart attack. They did emergancy surgery to clean out the infection and now I'm in the hospital.

    Because I'm a danger to everyone else I'm in isolation. Because I'm so damn sick I'm likely to be here for 6 to 8 weeks.

    What does this have to do with you?

    Well, a lot of folks in a similar situation would cry about how fate and shit all over them and what are they going to do! I've decided to try to make this best of this. My goal is going to be to start an Internet Marketing site and make $10,000 during the timeframe that I'm in the hospital. I'm going do document everything I do, every little thing step by step by step so that you can do the same thing as I do.

    I've loaded a video which shows me here in the hospital, and it also shows my wound. Please be aware that about 3 minutes into this video it is VERY graffic. The rest of video is great just for background info and to see what I'm up against, but at 3 may want to look away...thats just a fair warning.

    The real deal is this though. My back is truly against the wall. I'm in serious pain as you can see in the video. I'm also on the strongest medication for pain there is, and I have doctors, nurses etc in and out of here. I'm looking at 3 to 5 more surgeries, plus a bone marrow biospy on monday. Here is the deal....if I can do this...YOU CAN TOO.

    Thats the biggest point of this entire have no excuse. If I can overcome this situation, which is just about the worst situation I can imagine someone finding himself in, you can overcome what ever your situation is too.

    I'm just getting the video loaded up and when it's available ya'll will get it.

    I'm excited to get this project back underway and look forward to getting to know a bunch of you and helping you out along the way as you follow me.

  2. Brandon, you have had some tough breaks lately, and I, for one, am genuinely sorry about that.

    It's nice to see that you're a fighter, though, and I think you'll make it through because of that.

    On the MRSA issue, you had better get aggressive with your doctors - I don't mean hostile, but I mean you better take charge, and if they're not getting to the bottom of it, you had better find someone who will.

    Do keep us posted about your progress health-wise.

    Do they have you on IV antibiotics? If you're comfortable talking about it, what kind?
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    Yeah in my video I show ya my entire setup.
    They have me on hydromorphone PCA for pain, and then on something called vancomycin for my antibiotic. It's close to $2k per bag.

    They did end up finally getting me out of the small local hospital I have been being treated at and they flew me down to Des Moines, to Mercy. So far I'm pretty happy here. One of my very best buds from HS, a guy I still talk too pretty often, was the chief resident in the ER here till last year, (There is seriously no such thing as HIPA) and once i'd asked a few people if they knew Jeff and then by now it's gotten back to them that Jeff and I are good friends etc they are really taking good care of me, almost like I'm a friend by proxy in a way. It's totally different then the situation I had in Ames. It probably also helps though quit honestly that my financial situation is not as terrible right now too as it was when I was in Ames this summer. I was able to give them and Amex Black Card, so they are not worried about getting paid. (I just gotta worry about how to pay it back)

    Anyway one thing to have come out of this, at least for me, is to realize what an honestly good place ET really is. You know a lot of people complain and snipe about it, but I have had such an amazing outpouring of love and caring from people I do not even know, it's just been amazing.

    Brandon is a snap shot of my hip from the video that is loading. Please be warned that it's very graphic.
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  4. Brandon, I hope you get better soon. If the drugs you take now can not help your infection, ask your doctor about magott therapy for MRSA. He will know what that is. Wishing you good health.
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    better then chopping my leg off..which was an option on the table friday night.
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  7. Brandon, you see it is not a crazy third world cure to be afraid of? They have a place in Lubbock Texas that use this therapy. Look on the right side of the video and read that.
  8. You're a tough guy Brandon, I'll pray for you.
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    Yeah I'm reading it. I heard something a year or two ago, just browsing TV or whatever, and they talked about using it on diabetics and that it saved a lot of them from losing feet and whatnot.
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