Watch Goldman Sachs, Looks To Be In Trouble

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Aaron Copland, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. The lower the stock goes the harder it gets for them to survive, now @ $84.60
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    Hank and Ben will be along soon.
  3. MS is getting hammered too
  4. $83.10... yep Hank will jump in and save Goldman with our money, man what a great system.
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    Why doesn't Buffet step back in?!? ;-)
  6. news that Goldman just got hammered on a trade in shares of Porche. something to do with volkswagon. i am serious,this is what i just read. i heard the loss is very large.
  7. Print more money damnit!!!
  8. GS Goldman Sachs: Faber on CNBC discusses short squeeze in Volkswagen shares; says many hedge funds were short the ordinary shares (85.77 -7.03) -Update-

    Faber says a lot of hedge funds were short the ordinary shares and long the preference shares or Porsche shares, hoping they would converge, but instead it went the other way. Says there are a lot of rumors out there about people suffering from this trade; says one of the reasons GS is down is because people were speculating that GS was also in on this trade and took a very large hit.
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    You can't have them running around taking the consequences of their actions like grown ups.Hank! HANK! get on to this right now.
  10. They claim they are not in the trade.

    So they must be in something even more horrible.

    Pray for your loved ones. The end is Nigh
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