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  1. ...and you'll slowly slip into an irreversible depression and possibly become suicidal. I've never seen a more negative program.
  2. Glenn Beck’s Ratings Decline

    February ratings are out and Glenn Beck is down. TVNewser reports that year-over-year Glenn Beck’s total viewership for February declined -26% and his young viewers are down -32%.

    Beyond his ratings slide, Glenn Beck also has other woes…

    More than 300 advertisers are currently boycotting Glenn Beck’s Fox News show – and the list continues to grow to this day. Additionally, the UK broadcast of his show has run for over a year without any commercials due to Glenn Beck’s ad losses there. This fact was mentioned by a British MP during a parliamentary debate.

    After being dropped by affiliates, Glenn Beck’s radio show is currently off the air in 3 cities – New York City, Philadelphia and Madison. New York’s WOR reportedly dropped Beck due to low ratings. Further, 5 New York City radio stations have already committed to keeping Glenn Beck off there. Madison’s WTDY explained that they dropped Beck in part because “[t]he lack of actual content becomes more apparent daily.”

    Establishment conservatives are also joining Glenn Beck’s chorus of critics. In Commentary magazine, Pete Wehner issued a strong warning about Glenn Beck, calling him “the most disturbing personality on cable television.” Bill Kristol recently criticized Glenn Beck for his “hysteria” – sentiment that National Review Online‘s Rich Lowry endorsed. Conservative Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin called Beck a “ranting extremist,” adding that Beck is “often simply wrong on the facts.”

    Glenn Beck recently apologized for saying that Reform Judaism was akin to “radicalized Islam.” His apology came only after condemnations from Jewish organizations and pressure from a major radio company.

    Onward we go…
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    There's a lot of negative shit going on in this country. Our government is at the precipice. Get involved.
  4. Whether what he says is true or not, I just can't take it anymore. It's like your wife or girlfriend nagging at you constantly, thats kind of what it reminds me of. :D
  5. Much to be negative about. Most Americans are HUGELY OBLIVIOUS*.

    Beck employs a significant staff and goes overboard on research. He hasn't been wrong about much, sadly.

    *Perhaps if we were not so disinterested, much of what's going on in America would not be.
  6. My wife doesn't want me talking about it... to her or to others in her presence. She's content to stick her head in the sand and hope everything turns out OK.

    (Next time I marry, it will be to a VULCAN!)
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    Tom B

    Spoken like some one who watches the show on a regular basis.
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    Coming from Chkitout this is a strong indictment imho.