--WATCH futures drop on jobs number

Discussion in 'Economics' started by NY_HOOD, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. watch the futures plummet as the unemplyment rate comes in at 6.4 %.
  2. i agree. a number like that is likely. if so, it's "surprise" rate cut time.
  3. and if no cut on bad numbers, berspanke is an orangutang.
  4. Of course they will drop. Selling off in anticipation as well. A poor number is expected. If it happens it will make a great buying opp.
  5. nope.
  6. what time do the numbers come out??
  7. oh sorry it looks like they already did, good trading today to all
  8. 6.1%.....futures went up
  9. The numbers will be set to support the wall street christmas in October.

    Peolpe act like we run a frre market. The free market in the US is long gone.
  10. A much worse number was priced in.
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