Watch For Tricks In The Vix

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  1. Some how they must get it higher so the rally can continue, keep your eye on it, there will be some manipulation coming up, just watch.
  2. Why would anyone watch an indicator that FAILED back in 2003 for month after month after month . . . after it broke support in the 18-19 area and collapsed to new lows, as the market rallied upward for months?
  3. Lunch time is an excellent time to juice the Vix up over 10 even as the equitys continue to rise.
  4. Weellllll, lets see if it does.

    Here's the VIX
  5. and here's the S&P
  6. Dow just dropped 10 points, that should be good for 10 points up on the Vix hahaha.
  7. Yep, Vix now@ 9.91 up a full 10 points the sp has not budged.
  8. Nice now the market can rally higher. I knew it would creep up during lunch.
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  9. Whats the trade?!

  10. How about an update
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