Watch for possible short squeeze on NOV CL

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by kxvid, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. kxvid


    November 24th is the expiration. Anybody else think this might happen? I remember it happened once before in crude recently near expiration and there was a nice spike.
  2. Surdo


    Actually November CL has not traded since October 21st!
  3. auspiv


    haha damn.. owned

    but still, i hope we all (including op) know he means dec.
  4. kxvid


    Surdo, auspiv, your both wrong. Nov CL is tradeable and will be until expiration. Type in CLZ8 and you will see NOV CL is tradeable right now. Wouldn't make much sense if NOV CL isn't tradeable in NOVEMBER, would it!?
  5. UFC


    WRONG! CLZ8 is December Crude Oil. Last trading day for Nov Crude Oil futures was Oct. 21.
  6. Surdo



    Can you help me out here, my times and sales seem to be stuck since 10/21 on the November contract, do I have the wrong symbol....for some reason the charts also stopped...what am I doing wrong here?


    el surdo
  7. Wow, just speechless over here.

    Aside from your blatant disregard for industry standard month codes, good luck finding a retail place thats A-OK with you trading on the last trading day. I sure as hell wouldn't let you if I ran a shop, since you can't even tell me what month Z is.
  8. kxvid


    You ppl were right. GODamd tinkorswim platform is compleatly fucked up.
  9. Semantically - that's accurate. The Z (Dec) contract does expire in X (Nov), the 20th to be precise .

    WRT the original topic: I doubt we will see another $30 move caused by a short squeeze. Plenty of people learned and/or got killed from the V contract that no one wants to be in that position again.

    Just so this doesn't happen again, here's your calendar (in order). Write this down:

  10. Surdo


    Well, I am glad you finally admitted November expired, now lemme know when "The Short Squeeze" is going to be over so I can fade you again!
    #10     Nov 12, 2008