Watch for a spike up after a cooked jobs report

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  1. The nonfarm payrolls number will be cooked for the bulls to have their day and watch for the futures to spike on the news. The rally will probably last a couple days and back to the same old grind lower. We are in a bear market, there is no avoiding a recession in real dollar terms. Nominal GDP doesn't mean anything when inflation is running so high.
  2. No doubt the market is primed to spike to make the perma bulls happy.

    Mortimer. turn the machines on!
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    lol...has anyone on ET ever got any of these types of threads right!!? :)
  4. It always cracks me up when these idiots continue to post stupid stuff like this.

    The only 80%+ accurate leading indicator: fade ET!
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    Too true! Thought it was just me who found it funny.

    Nobody has a clue. Simple as that.
  6. ahhh Detective. You've been around here since 2004. You should know better than to try to predict. B/c once your wrong, you'll get chewed up here on ET>
  7. The funny thing is that the 18k was probably cooked to the upside. We're in a recession which won't be obvious till its well underway.
    Credit bubble has popped, watch out.
  8. Just imagine how bad it would look if they hadn't added the 66,000 from assumed businesses created to the actual numbers.

    Do you REALLY believe financial companies added 17,000 more jobs than they reported?
  9. Weak jobs report even after all the fluffing that the government did to come up with 18,000.

    And we are just getting ready for earnings season to start in earnest, who knows how many misses there will be and below the mark guidance waiting in the wings.
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    Some conservatives are suggesting that the Obama Administration "tampered" with the figures shown in Friday's jobs report. The report said that thousands of jobs had been created in September, and that the unemployment rate had plummeted to 7.8 percent.
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