Watch for 50% retracement in the S&P

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  1. I'm referring to the Fibonacci retracement; it should be at the 1121 level, I think. I saw this on an article, I forgot where I saw it.

    Be advised; This is NOT a top call.
  2. Nice top call.
  3. As long as the dollar continues its demise I'm suddenly in the DOW 15,000 by 2011 camp.

    We'll also see Gold at 2000 and Oil at $150

    Gonna be fun!!!
  4. Furthermore, this fib sets up nicely with the trendline drawn from the high.
  5. TheMan


    or everyone could just trade what happens instead of what they think will happen

    what a novel idea

  6. What??? Then the % of "losers" would go from 95% to probably 60%. We can't have that! :D

  7. TheMan


    your right

    what was i thinking

    i will enforce a

    REVERSE BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    on myself
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  9. I found the article. Go to Look through yesterday's articles, 10/14.
  10. +1

    ... and they say ET has lost it's value. :D
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