watch bulls n bears on fox at 10 a.m.

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  1. watch tobin smith say the sell off is ridiculous and the underlying fundamentals are very strong. watch annoying brenda butner act like a child and try to be a comedian(she is so annoying when she tries to be funny). tobin tries to act like a comedian as well and loves to hear himself talk. watch the chrtman talk about trendlines but never mentions volume. i'm going to watch the first 5 minutes just to prove i'm right about the show. god,i hope that guy adam is'nt on,he is another wimp and how bout that guy who's last name is norman? what a jerk off. the guy Scott is ok,a nice guy.he's the only one that is serious and rightly so,its a show about stocks.
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    Man, dude.....Get a life! Take up mountain climbing, knitting or something. Animal rescue/care orgs are always looking for help.
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    to NY_HOOD you should consider following his advice. start with some of the posters on ET,:D
  5. funny, that's what tobin said all through the 2000-2002 bear market