wat is actually make our profit?

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    when you make profit in currency trading who lose is it centeral banks,the broker or it is another indivadual trader i think that help understanding how we win i m new in forex i lost about 3000 usd in the last week now i think forex is a way for the broker to make profit not for us am i right? and who lose

    thank you
  2. Theoretically forex is a zero sum game:

    In reality to some forex participants, profits/loses are not THAT important.

    Consider an exporter for example, due to exchange rate fluctuations he got 2% less, yet he has a net profit of 30% on his exports (when manufacturing); 28% are still great profits.
  3. You lost money because you dont know what you are doing. Dont blame others, it was and is your fault.

  4. I am sorry to hear that you lost that money. You need to learn how to trade. Forex (and most of trading) is a NEGATIVE sum game. PM me if you wish to learn more. Also, yesterday, I was a bit bored and made some live trades. Go to forex trading and you should see how I traded (Live Trades is the title of the thread). It is possible that the main thing that got you is leverage and the lack of understanding of money management.

    In any case, if you were to redo it, I suggest that you start with just $100. Turn it to $150.Then from there add another $100. Make sure that you turn that other 100 to $150, before you consider adding. At certain point, you will be one of those you asked about: who actually make money? Answer: profitable traders and brokers. As for hedging, that is just talk. 90% is speculative trading.
  5. Your are right, but please be kinder to him--He just lost money. It must not feel good at all to lose. He may be looking for comfort and understanding. But again you are right, and I understand what you want to tell him.
  6. No-one thought to ask him the size of his account?

    If he lost 3k of a 100k account in a week it's no big deal. If he lost 3k of a 4k account then he's just another sucker who doesn't understand trading, what does he expect to do but lose money?

    I'm not so sure trading is a zero sum game though, it's just the never-ending exchange of currencies at different prices for all sorts of different reasons.

    90% of people come into retail forex with some crazy dream they're going to make a fast buck but without a clue about how they're going to do it or how the business works or about control of risk, and then they're surprised when they lose money and call it a money-making exercise for brokers!

    Thousands of people speculate in these markets profitably, the returns can be staggering, but like any business you need to know what you're doing or you're gonna get eaten alive!
  7. All your profits are belong to us :D (couldn't resist that one).

    Wouldn't you be better served by playing with FX futures instead? Just a thought.

    Then again if you don't know what you are doing...
  8. LOL

    Let's save this guy some time, why doesn't he just send us a check direct :)
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    i'll cosider that
    you need cheak you have all the right
    i just want to ask all you what is the biggest position amout you ever made
    i know that the market daily turn over is about 1.5 trilion but is it all in forex maybe import need money for his trade and that counted in the marketso how much exactly is the forex trader share in this trun over

    thanks for previous reply