wasserman capital in Miami

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by dingjin, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. dingjin


    Does anybody know anything about it? I am a prop trader and thinking about trading remotely with Wasserman. How about their reputation? Do I need worry about my deposit and/or payout?
  2. nice website...looks like everyone wears a tie! Did they take over the Bright trading room in Miami Beach?
  3. dingjin


    Spyderman, I really have no idea about that.

    As far as I know, they have another office in LA.

    Wasserman is with Assent(my current company is also with Assent), so I think it should be OK. But I want to get more info from you guys if possible.
  4. their the best...the absolute best...g
  5. bump.....

    has Wasserman Capital shut down with the Assent closing? Is anyone doing prop in Miami (Miami Dade County, not Broward)?

    Feel free to pm.
  6. tinka


    I traded in his group. I do not recommend.