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    "Washington loves nothing as much as a summer sex scandal, and the season is off to an early start this year, as a congressional aide was sacked after posting her lovemaking exploits on the internet.

    Jessica Cutler, 24 - who has become better known in Washington circles by her nom de plume, "Washingtonienne" - was dismissed last week from her job as an entry-level aide to Republican Senator Mike DeWine.

    Her jauntily written internet diary includes lurid descriptions of sexual encounters on Capitol Hill and other venues in official Washington - some allegedly involving prominent, but unnamed, paramours.

    When quizzed by The Washington Post about her claim to have had up to six regular partners, Cutler replied: "You know, there's seven days a week."

    The tawdry accounts, which have become "must-reads" in Washington, include descriptions of sexual favours for money, which she says she grants to supplement her paltry paycheque.

    "Most of my living expenses are thankfully subsidised by a few generous older gentlemen," she writes in one entry on her "blog," or Web log.

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