Washington Redskins become the Washington Red Tails?

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  1. The name Washington will be next due to him owning slaves. So maybe they should kill two birds with one stone and go for a complete name change.

    • East Coast Red Tails
    • Atlantic Red Tails
  2. How about the Washington Cunts?

    Go Giants! :D
  3. Washington Idiots would work also.
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  4. wrbtrader


    They could honor the President...

    Washington Trump


    They could really antagonize / torture the guy via calling the team Washington Obama or Washington Biden. :D

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  5. Banjo


    In the spirit of the essence of their home I'd go with the D.C. Grifters.
    Announcer: " once again the Grifters have managed to fake the U.S. Ordinaries with the same play. You'd think the Ordinaries would have wised up by now"
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  6. Corky5


    How about the Washington Criminal Thugs who get paid millions to play with a ball?
  7. FedEx on Thursday called for the team to change its name, and Nike appeared to remove all Redskins gear from its online store.
  8. Alliteration: Washington Wankers
  9. LS1Z28


    You can't make this stuff up...
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