Washington Monument...Will Irene finish it off? An ET Roundtable

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What will happen to the Washington Monument?

  1. Nothing

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  2. Top further collapses

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  3. Falls over like a tree

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  4. Goes down like 911 WTC. Quadaffi takes credit.

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  1. The 5.9 Quake cracked it like an egg and it's structural integrity is unknown, especially near the top. A respected engineer suggests that the base and foundation may have been compromised as the surrounding soil stratified from the quake. Sustained wind speeds at the top of the monument may be 90-140 mph. Post your predictions on what will happen to the Washington Monument here.

    Rennick 2012 out:cool:
  2. Storm turns right.
    No damage USA but the weatherman and your insurance company both want you to believe NC is gone and NYC is next!
  3. Arnie


    Looking like Irene is a dud. Radar shows inner rain bands overhead and its like 5-10 mph breeze outside.
  4. Top further collapses

    Based on models the top is rated AAA or Aaa (no chance of further collapse).

    Falls over like a tree

    We're talking Washington momument (TBTF)

    Goes down like 911 WTC.

    Obama stimulates economy with shovel ready jobs by building new memorial, sells naming rights to Bank of America.