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Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Am I the only one who found it odd that the CIA set off this flap, with the help of friendly journalists of course, about that publicity hound "Ambassador" Wilson and his CIA agent wife just in time to deflect attention from the report criticizing the CIA's Iraq performance?

    The Wilson story has been around since July, when the Novak column appeared, but suddenly right now it's a do or die matter? This story is the classic one week wonder. First of all, they can't even prove there were leaks. The only proof is Novak and he will not give up his source. It's highly likely the source was CIA, and he said it was the administration as a cover. And if half of Washington knew this guy Wilson's wife was a "company" asset, why is it some big scandal? Was she working undercover anywhere except maybe the Four Seasons bar?

    And Wilson has a lot of gall to complain. He's on the news attacking Bush , writing editorials, on cable, etc and he thinks he and his wife are off limits because she's Agency? Apparently she was the one who put him up for the original "16 words" trip to Africa. They put themselves into this whole controversy, milked it for all they could get, turned it into a big political sideshow, now they are whining. Maybe they could get together with the Dixie Chicks and Sean Penn.

    Anyway the timing of this thing is very suspicious. There are legitimate questions about the CIA's performance, going back to before 9/11. So instead of focusing on that, the media gets thrown this bone that George Tenet knows they will go crazy over.

    President Bush has been loyal to a fault, but at some point it has to end. For George Tenet, that time is right now. Endless screwups and incompetency are bad enough. Political backstabbing cannot be tolerated.