Washington Dc

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  1. http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/news/dc/video-mob-of-teens-rob-dupont-circle-store-042711

    Welcome to the land of OBAMA. You teach the story to kids about ROBIN HOOD, you teach them to "Dislike the Rich", you teach them to expect everything to be taken care of without any effort on their part and what do you get?

    This is not a "Black thing". This is a class thing. Poverty is at record levels, Class War is on.

    So, where is all that tax money the PARASITES (Scumbags in DC) suck from all of us Producers? Those who pay 35% in tax's where does our money go? Those who pay 25% in taxes, where does their money go? Are you scumbag liberals supporting the POOR with all your stolen money from the "Tax Payer'.

    The next waste of a Generation.