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  1. I am a trader who is experienced and has established himself. I am 32 and I guess ETG's top Nasdaq trader. I feel that is a fair assessment. I want to start a firm that revolutionizes the prop industry. I am looking for people interested in joining. Feel free to message me. I am also interested in retaining my inheritance and do not believe that a guy like me should ever go into a firm like ETG and lose his ability to work at A firm like Goldman. I do not want the culture of my firm to be such that there are no African Americans at the company retreat in florida. Once again, I want to revolutionize the prop game, I want to make serious money for good people and change wall street culture in the process. I want an energy associated with my firm that will set the standard for what is the best. And that will be based on principles of dharma, a high creative enrgy, honesty, integrity, patience, tolerance, and dignity.
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    I did not realize ETG was still around in any form after Shonfeld bought the business. Anyway good luck to you.
  3. I used to trade there. While they were still around.
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    I trade myself and never really gave thought to trading with/for anyone......but it's always nice to meet and know local traders in my area.

    So if you're new to DC, welcome!
  5. ctenisdead,

    Will it be all office based or do you envisage having remote traders as well?
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    Before you go off and try to have real a conversation with ctenisdead, I suggest you read his posting history. Unfortunately some of the really choice posts have been deleted by the moderators but you should be able to get the jist of it from what is still left.
  7. stay FAR FAR AWAY from ctenisdead, not a normal individual, yes his deleted posts are classic material.

  8. Things happen and people recover. Bottom line is that I was a great trader and could have helped a lot of people. If this does go through I suggest people who connect with my initial post to meet with me and see if synergies exist. Make up your own mind - do not listen to these people who do not know me and are basing what they say on what I have posted here. My story should be well known by now.