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  1. Hi all.

    I am quite new to this forum.

    What about compiling the new USDA's estimates each of us will be most watching, tomorrow?

    For my part:
    In the world balances:
    - Corn, China: will USDA higher its production estimate?
    - Soybean, China: import level?
    - Soybean, Brazil and Argentina: next year production levels?
    - Soymeal, China: import level?
    - Wheat: levels of productions trhoughout Europe, the Black Sea Region, Argentina and Australia

    In the US balances:
    - Soyoil: production, dom. use, export
    - Wheat: HRW production est.
    - Corn and soybean: shifts in acreage/production est?

    What will you be watching closelu, tomorrow?
  2. and, then ...

    There are a least 3 points, I would like to hear comments on:

    - What do you think of the bump in US bean oil export (from 1200 million pounds to 1800 new USDA's est.) ?

    - The trick in the Chinese corn balance sheet (prod. and dom. consumption), the USDA plugging the CNGOIC figures in its balance?

    - Do you believe in the reduction HRW US exports, as indicated bu the USDA (from prior month) ?