Was your Ninja trader down this morning?

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  1. I ask because I was considering going back to NT, love some of the features, and switching to NT with TT data from Dorman/Zen. Then I hear that approx 20 ppl on Dorman this morning had an outage on CME ES mini around 6:30 EDT, about the same time ppl complained the ECBOT went down. It is unclear at this point what caused it too happen. If you have NT, no matter what feed, did you experience an outage today? Around market open?

    I appreciate your feedback.

  2. I am on NT with PATS (Man Financial) as my broker. Other than the quotes going away from the ECBOT, I have had no problems. I've rebooted and restarted NT a few times today and it has always returned and been available.

    Perhaps it was a coincidence.
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    NT with TT has been working fine all morning (since 2 am trading FDAX). NT with Zenfire was down at around 2 am and 3 am. Since then I haven't checked Zenfire again today.
  4. Thanks for that feedback, both of you. When did Zen get Eurex? Must not have been long ago? Hopefully I can get a little more feedback before I decide to either go back to Velocity, most likely, with NT TT or give CTS T4 a go, since I don't like TransAct.
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    Zen for Eurex is still in a test mode and will be available/ready for trading by the end of this month my broker says.

    I have normally Zen running from 2 am to 1 pm (11 hours non-stop) and it is practically always on. Today was actually the first time it was down.
  6. I was asking, not sure if you see my posts last week, but I had a SL at 618.60 ZG buy and when it hit that price NT with Zen locked up and I was lucky to only lose a commission, when I probably should have made $40 per lot. After that I demanded John at Ninja refund me, and he did, but I do miss SL below and above market. Since then I have been testing various new domes, but miss those features. If I were trading big I would just go X Trader Pro, but can't afford it now. I was hoping to get a bit more positive feedback on NT with TT before I close out at Dorman and go there.

    Another thing to think about, Dorman/Novus is very new and has very few on trade desk, I think maybe 1 or 2 max. This could be a real problem with this ECBOT outage if you are trying to call in and hedge with the pits? Nothing against the ppl at Dorman, they are a nice group, but TT has been around much longer. Just something I am thinking about before I decide where to go next?

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    what did NT refund? NT's fees? Commiss? Or P&L effect?

    Please specify exactly.
  8. The $150 subscription for 3 months, that's it, I was 1 day into a renewal.
  9. I don't think any software only company would be liable for trade pnl's, but I could be wrong. As I recall when I first started trading there is fine print saying we aren't responsible for software outages, blah, blah, blah. This goes for all software. You bring up a good point. Where is the fiduciary responsibility begin and end?
  10. Jeez,

    I just was using NT with Dorman/Zen in sim mode and it showed connected, but wasn't updating ER2! What gives! I reboot and now I have updated charts with all candles filled?
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