Was yesterday a good day for y'all?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trader99, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. trader99


    so, how did we all did yesterday raging up move? Pretty good ride huh?

    Did you guys scalp on the way up? Or did you ride it all thall day? Or at least more than 20 seconds? hehe

    just wondering..

  2. yep. got some revenge for friday. a little of everything was working yesterday. days like that you gotta push it hard while it lasts.
  3. Hated it. I knew the thing to do was going long YJ (mini Dow)or Q's on Friday afternoon or buy ES right at the open (all things that are not yet in my plan) . I tried to enter long ES 2 times in the morning to catch a few point pop above 1026 made a tick and lost a tick.
  4. MarkHyman

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    yesterday, scalping the market seemed to be the best bet
  5. i made enough for dinner at taco bell on my money market sweep
  6. tntneo

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    it all depends on your style.
    friday was very good to me. monday had follow up and then churning. I left the market at 11:00 I think (taking more profits on the follow up from friday).

    Cash is also a position.

  7. AllenZ


    3 out of my 4 trades were longs and still i managed to be down a little for the day. Not my kind of day, little two way action and no followthrough on breakouts.

  8. appearances can be very deceiving.

    a big move in the indexes can actually originate from a sea of small moves across the board. on days like that your long picks don't really do jack, which is double frustrating when you see the S&P up 25 points and don't make the connection that broad shallow rallies only help scalpers and futures traders.

    bear market rallies are tough to game and are often best to sit out IMHO.
  9. trader99


    That's really interesting the responses to that question. I suppose it's "style dependent" but it would seem that everything was going up and up ...

    I'm talking about Monday June 17,2002. I guess it's all about being able to pull the trigger when it's right...

    good luck


  10. What does that mean? Are you saying that anyone who didn't make money yesterday was a dumbass? I sure hope not, because that would be a seriously dickweed thing to imply...
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