Was Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Arrested & Questioned

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  1. "This afternoon we received a phone call informing us that their were reports Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was arrested, questioned and released by New York Police February 24, 2012. The caller informed us that they were unable to find a single mention of the “reported” arrest on any of the mainstream media outlets websites. After performing a simple Google search we came across............."

  2. God knows he deserves to be :D
  3. Along with Odumbo, Reid, Pelosi, Fwank, The Bernank... sheesh... the list goes on and on..

  4. What no republicans on your list ? Biased ?
  5. JamesL


    careful...this smells like a cold trap.


  6. Most republicans don't consider Bernake to be one of them.
    I'm all for frying the law breaking law makers and public servants and crooked CEO's,
    Democrat and Republican. It's just funny how the right only wants the other side to be accountable.
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    i think you meant jim crammer and all of sqwk box...........
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  9. :D:D:D:D
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