Was today's close a DOJI?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by paysense, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Was today's close a DOJI?

    . . .resulting in a sharp move up from here??

  2. If you are going to refer to a candlestick pattern, maybe try using a candlestick chart.
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    HA! That's just what I needed to end my day. Effing HILARIOUS!

  4. You have an odd sense of humor :confused: haha

  5. doji does not mean reversal. doji could mean contenuation..... acording to Steve Nison
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    Contenuation could mean continuation according to Webster....

  7. lol ET is a brutal place.

    So could we deduce from the doji that it probably wont go UP?
  8. To me a doji simply shows that neither the bulls or bears had control. Bulls tried to run it up to no avail. Bears tried to run it down to no avail.

    A doji is a very interesting pattern to trade and one could argue either way for a possible trade. Some would argue just ignore doji's b/c of what it's saying, or lack thereof.
  9. LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING LIKE A DOJI OPEN AND CLOSE VERY CLOSE TOGETHER...gotta be used as a piece of a larger analysis..you have over 700 posts
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