Was this order a direct sale between two parties?

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  1. 58k shares were bought at 29.40, way below the current bid-ask. Is this an example of a sale between two direct parties?
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  2. %% Sounds like it.

    Or bad data, or the wide bid/ask got wider.And if 7:45 is execution time, wide/bid ask got wider, typical lack of liquidity in odd hours........:cool::cool:
  3. Cash trade - settling cash. Is there some corporate action they wanted to avoid? Or a misprint/error.
  4. sle


    Could also be something reported late (e.g. an option delta cross) and many other things, no?

    PS. 58k x $30 = 1.7 millions, so is too small to be a proper block, I'd recon, but that depends on the stock
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    Check for condition does on the executions. Trade through exemptions or special conditions are tagged to the execution. Easiest way to confirm if an execution is outside the norm. . . Check "QRM" and click for previous executions in the timeframe if you have a Bloomberg Terminal.

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    I'm out of my league here when sle and Jacobsen check in with their insights.... but fwiw.... you're obviously new to this stuff ... bearing that in mind... I have no idea what the mechanics are behind paints like this but I can assure you, start paying attention because you will see these dozens of times/day on L2, especially in extended hours and on high-vis type stocks or stocks that just reported earnings. For the most part they will not trigger any stops you may have set. Its certainly a good question on your part though... it means you're serious in your endeavors. Kudos.