Was their some great news out

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  1. The market just took off, did AA say they were just kidding about a slow down. Did the fed announce a rate cut? Surly their was something that happened to cause this surge.
  2. How many years have you been trading for? Seriously?
  3. One week, how about you?
  4. JORGE


    KLAC raised new orders guidance.

  5. Oh please their up to there eyeballs in option scandals, with the chairman Levi and his greedy self.
  6. James looking to sign 3 year deal with Cav's
  7. JORGE


    Here's an idea. Overlay the intraday charts of KLAC, SOX and SPX and tell me what you see.
  8. MONACO11


    MSFT announced Vista is 80% chance of being released in January...

  9. Oh I see the good news, EU says latest nuclear talks with Iran disappointing, yep thats good oil to $100.00 that will sure boost the economy yep.
  10. maybe just a good ol program trade came in.
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