was the US attacked by Global Terrorists?

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    Perhaps now the lamestream press (financial and otherwise) will join you in your coverage, now that it contains the magic word "terrorist".

  2. No denying the devastation. I'll never forget the night Pelosi and Cox and Paulson came out of the meeting on Lehman. They were white. This article says what I've believed. For money, the authorities let the hedgefunds go wild. The dark side just piggybacked them, and then, there was nothing Pelosi and crew could say. The tracks lead to them. Republicans too. There is going to be hell to pay, and soon.
  3. The thing about Mr. dotbomb that I find odd is he is always talking about failure to deliver in equities.... but doesn't he know about failure to deliver in the bond Market...??

    That is the real elephant in the room. ...

    Failure to Deliver in the Bond Market can provide coordinates for a variety of financial malaise which we've aptly named the "credit crisis".

    Read Rob Kirby for insights into bond Market failures...
  4. I was just reading about this here.


    Can this be really true?


    "The sale of USTreasury Bonds in the last two years has exceeded the USGovt debt issuance by $1.5 trillion".
  5. Do you read crank sites?
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    thanks for link, crank or not it does provide an rational explanation for the bizarre policy of how QE started
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    I'm a us treasury bond trader at a large institution. I have no idea what this means.

    UST has a HUGE secondary market. So it's no surprise that the total volume traded is many times the original issuance (same in equity, no?)

    If the cranks meant that there are 'shadow' us treasury bonds of some sort, in that case I'd like to see where he got that number. Neither I, nor anyone I know on the buy side or sell side, has ever seen a phantom treasury bond. Every dollar of the amount outstanding is pretty well accounted for.

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