Was The Top of 12:40PM or So Today's Top?

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  1. Was The Top of 12:40 or So Today's Top (on NDX)? Every top starts at even the smallest of time frames.
  2. Are you serious?

    Try looking at a DAILY chart of the SPX and take a serious look at where current price action is compared to where this index was last week, late February, as well as Feb. 1st.

    Then take a look at where the Euro was during those instances, and where it is now.

    Doesn't anyone look at the simplest of "technicals" on ET anymore???
  3. LOL and you wonder why people think you're a noob and trash your threads...
  4. <QUOTE><i>Quote from Landis82:</i>

    <B>Doesn't anyone look at the simplest of "technicals" on ET anymore???</B><QUOTE>

    Apparently not. Seems all those perma-bulls (novices) that kept running this market up last fall (technicals were definitely saying otherwise) at ET seem to have all bought into the doom and gloom and are missing out on this staunch uptrending market.

    Happily that the same "late-stage" bull market madness is predictable in that each dip is a buying opportunity, lol. At this time, however, it is a much safer technical environment. Seems Wall Street is quickly dumping laggard/past leaders for fresh new stories along with beaten down financials.

    That makes sense too, since the Fed has virtually guaranteed with all the rate-cuts/$B's infusons that future growth in well enabled.

    PLUS, the White House Republicans wants to save the economy for the near-term to maintain its grasp on policies.

    But yeah. . .most - even at ET - are a bit pushed out of where investors can maintain clearer thinking. Losses do that to you.

    ST has that same mentality. He has stayed bullish throughout the whole period so may <b>seem</b> like he's right.

    Based on SPX JUST missing his "Bear Market" target he is still here (his own statement) and it <i>seems</i> his *ss wasn't handed to him. But if he had ANY losing picks that aren't going to participate in this new rally - well those kind of losses typically bring down the whole account to not much if any gains.

    Just a perma-bull that narrowly missed this being the next bear market who is happy to see this new uptrend emerge - but not actually making too much from it I suppose. I'm thinking after this next rally to new highs and the Republicans take office - the bears will take us down 25%+ (which is a good thing). What then ST?

  5. The top I mentioned above is around 1932. Still standing. Latest reading: NDX is 1926. Who is paying the people who sold at the top?
  6. The more bullish people post on this thread, the more likely it is the top. I have not seen a bear so far posting. Therefore the probabilities are increasing that it is the top of today.
  7. Do you have any actual money at stake based on your prediction or are you just shooting your mouth again?
  8. Actual money (even if it does not matter as the tick is the judge). If you doubt, and ready to pay to see the facts, I have them.
  9. And on this basis you can determine whether or not a certain price will be the day's top in NDX?
  10. I am waiting for your reply stocktrad3r. I checked the long trade on the QQQQs I did today. It was at 10:32:14 this morning. Check where the Qs were at the time (46.4ish area from memory), which is the bottom area of today.
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