Was the Opening Ceremony seen in North Korea ?

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  1. A dramatic Opening Ceremony at Pyeongchang, for me, anyway. North and South marching in together. Maybe a first step to something better. I wonder if it was seen in the DPRK ? Obviously, we'll probably never know. But I understand that they don't have many TVs there for starters. Anyway, my guess is that the regime would not allow it, even if possible. Not good to see all of that pomp in the south.

    Well, we can all hope ... looking forward to the next eighteen days ...
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    I'd be willing willing to bet that each and every N. Korean that participated in the events was told in no uncertain terms that if they try to defect their entire family (and friends) will be executed.
  3. Probably correct. But on a more hopeful note, I understand that the North Korean women's hockey team joined the South as a unified Korean team. Lost to the Swiss. But still maybe a historic moment.
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