was that the bottom???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by snowbird123, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. VIZ spiked, heavy panic selling? Large volume..thoughts?
  2. sorry vix spiked, as a percentage, it's pretty good
  3. Sharp 50 point v bottom on the dow

    very good sign. We should be close to the bottom. No one wants to be short b4 fed.
  4. balda


    I think market will bottom sooner without any further fed cuts.
  5. Its happened before, the market begs for a rate cut.

  6. This time Fed may not be giving candy to tantrum throwing kid. They may not cut rates or just cut 0.25 basis points and tell him to go and find this world on its own.

    Fed rate cuts have done nothing for the markets, something we have seen and the Feds have seen, we are back to the sme levels where we were in Jan 22nd, prior to Fed rate cuts.

    It just took 6 six weeks to undo that ? LOL