Was someone playing a prank on Art Cashin today?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KavMan, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. mgkrebs


    Great topic for an ET poll..........
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  2. i agree :D
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  3. Is that pic for real? Ash Wednesday or not, WTF is the point of walking around with ashes on your head?! HAHA LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEEEEEEEEEEE

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  4. stu


    No need to feel stupid. How stupid is that when this goomer ends up on a tv financial prog wearing his religion on the middle of his head. What a pratt. Ash wednesday my ass. I daren't think what he will try to stick on his face June 23 when it's the Immaculate Heart of Mary day.
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  5. Man, that could be the DUMBEST thing I've ever seen!!!!!! :eek:

    FRuiTY PeBBLe
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  6. How about those who run around with a strange funky little hat affixed to the top of their head (or the back if their bald spot is too large)? Can we make fun of that, too? But at least they mutilate only a part of their bodies that is not normally shown on national TV. Otherwise I don't think anyone would find a little gray spot on your forehead once a year all that ridiculous.
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  7. stu


    Thing is, you never know in a place like this who is pulling whose's nudger.
    A hat is a hat even if its a funky little one, you know the old adage ...if you want to get ahead get a hat . A grey smudge should cause ya momma to tell you to go and get washed properly.....and Yes it is stupid to mutilate parts of yourself or others' whether visble on tv or not and yes.....fun can be made of funky little hats even if people do get used to seeing them. You could get used to seeing women in burkas everywhere, but that would make things a little worse than just funny now wouldn't it ? Why should that be ?? another time another thread.......
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  9. I don't care how ridiculous your comment was, that other pic you posted is a hoot (get it). May even make it my desktop wallpaper this week.
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  10. MRWSM


    Kayman, what equipment are you using to get those pics? They're pretty clear.
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