Was recently commiserating about AMZN...

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  1. Overnight


    If we wee lads and lasses had just invested in 1,000 shares in the thing 20 years ago?

    Assuming 7 bux per share? $7,000 investment?

    Worth 1.7 million bux now.

    Magnetic WHALE art!

    Anyone remember these?

  2. dozu888


    see my 'AI' thread... this revolution is just in the 2nd inning... get in now, still chance to get rich!

    trading is waste of time.
  3. Overnight


    I posted this to the wrong section when dozu hooks it into his "AI thread". Sorry about that. This thread has nothing to do with "trading", it was just about a stock. Apologies to the stock trading community for my failure to not accommodate.
  4. S2007S


    Just so you know amazon was on the verge of disappearing just like the other dot coms back in the day. They were on the brink of bankruptcy so I dont think too many people at that time would have thrown $7000 into that stock.
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  5. Overnight


    Magnetic whale art was the key. But I hear your point. So if you threw 7000 bux at 10 companies back then, you spent 70 grand. If you threw 7000 bux at 100 companies, you spent 700,000 bux.

    One of them stuck, and became 1.7 million.
  6. dozu888


    so you mean nasdaq 100.... which is what i been saying all along.. qqq is the only game in town.
  7. Bum


    If I could give advice to someone in their teens or 20s, I'd suggest they invest $100 (or affordable amount) into every popular IPO & hold for long-term.
    Some/many will be bust but the few big winners in 30-40 years could be so large the losers won't matter.
    This would be "take-a-chance" money, not retirement planning money.
  8. Overnight


    Aramco is the next best thing, from what I have seen?