Was rcg lying in his journal what's your conclusion

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  1. Rcg seems to think popular opinion drives reality.

    I'm not going to put up a poll because that's too anonymous.

    The question is : Did rcg trader lie/ obfuscate his losses in his journal thread?

    If you think his journal was on the up and up, have the balls to speak up and vouch for him in writing.

    My conclusion is he was lying and has thus far continued as of this writing to document his returns/losses .
    What say you?

    c'mon dipshit liberals here's your chance to vouch for the veracity of one of your own.

    rcg seems to take exception to my claim nobody believed his journal , so this thread will record WHO thinks otherwise .
  2. pspr


    Buck only lies about 90%. The other 10% of his writings are mostly nonsense. So, you can carry that percentage over to his journal and draw the appropriate conclusion.
  3. Zero Credibility.
  4. Lucrum


    It's not even a question of IF he was lying. It was obvious he lied. But then he's a documented compulsive pathological liar so not really surprising.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    His journal had no credibility. That's all I'll say.
  6. 99 cent better circle the wagons , nobody is admitting they believed your journal.

    c'mon dipshit liberals prove me wrong, by going on record as vouching for your belief in rcg's journal.
  7. oh that's rough cause tsing goes out of his way to give 99 cent the benefit of a doubt.

    I'm a little surprised none of the usual leftwits are chiming in here in support.

    Iq47 always the sgt shutlz of "I see nothing" (of rcg's lies) has even failed to go on record supporting rcg.
    Maybe it's too early to draw a conclusion.
  8. He was jerking your chainz from page 1. You got trolled.
  9. Nobody got trolled, evidently he just likes to make an idiot of himself .
  10. Please, you're referring to a liberal. They create their own reality, and you were trolled. He was laughing his azz off from his laptop and is probably greatly amused at this thread as well.

    Liberals are very fun loving, collective minded community activists. No one does a journal with $1 unless it is for the purpose of mocking a republican who thinks they actually give a damn.

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