Was JFk, killed for taking federal reseve off the currency?

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  1. The truth is stranger than ficition.
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    I think JFK had plan to abolish the fed which is basically what Ron Paul has been saying for years. Unlike Ron however JFK had the power to do it and was about to do it.

    Something like executive order 11110. This is no small potato, issuance of currency is incredible power. It wouldn't surprise me if Bankers would go as far as orchestrating assassinations.
    I think that if Ron Paul or someone like him was to actually get close to abolishing the fed. He too would have a "heart attack" or "Car accident"
  4. For gosh sakes everybody knows it was because he was banging Marilyn Monroe. And some Mob guy got jealous...
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    JFK had many enemies, Mob, CIA, Pentagon wanted a big war which JFK was against and fed too.

    Maybe they all got together and celebrated with bubbles. Meeting of monsters.
  6. CIA knows the truth but they don't reveal it.
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    What are they trying to hide. Crime no doubt
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