was it just me?

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  1. Or did the employment report come out 15 secs early?
  2. Definatly looked like the market started moving a little early. There was very little liquidity at the time though, so it could have just appeared that way due to the high spread.
  3. Mr B

    Mr B

    often int he past I saw the bonds jump about 15s to 1 minute before the release.

    there is a rumour that Goldman get it before everybody else and jump in.

    somebody is getting it early.
  4. Someone is definitely getting it early. If the bonds starting selling like mad 15 secs before the release , then there would be no issue. But, they bought the shit out of them 15 secs ahead of a weak number. Someone lost a left nut in the 5 yr.
  5. From briefing.com:

    Premature Mis-estimation: There is little doubt the data was released early, somehow, by someone. Word on the street is Yahoo...again, while others insist it was "trust me, it was a hedge fund guy who has just found a way to get the data when some news source loads it," noted one savvy broker, who has seen it all. The last time a payrolls report was leaked it was when it was a big positive, the first large jobs creation number in years. This time it was a pretty solid bummer, well below the estimates & way, way, way below the supposedly informed estimates of a paycheck writer.
  6. just wondering. when do the news sources get the data?
  7. this happens all the time.
  8. Yeah some poor soul bought 1300 like 20 ticks above where the FV was trading after the number.
  9. >> The BLS gives the jobs report to reporters for major wire services a half hour in advance, in a room at Labor Department headquarters which has had all outgoing data and communications lines severed until a minute before release time. From then on any dissemination is under the control of the reporters who wait for the end of a BLS countdown before
    releasing the information, usually within the same second.

    Inadvertent and accidental releases during that minute happen
    occasionally and have always been attributed to human error or computer malfunction -- and are typically immediately disclosed to all participants in the departmental "lockup." No such premature release was identified by any participant in Friday morning's lockup. >> [MNI source].
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    yeah somebody got toasted buying the 5 year. I heard the yahoo rumor as well...this happened w/ a number last month as well I think jobs.
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