Was I wrong?

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  1. I was out with friends getting drinks at a restaurant. After getting my drink at the bar I spilled it infront of the bartenders. I asked him for another one, and he said I would have to pay for it. I said that is not going to happen. I explained to him that his cost is 25 cents why should I pay another 9 bucks. After my friends drank up we left, was I wrong?
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    Not sure if you were wrong or not, it seems reasonable that they should have given you another drink. But the cost of the drink is more than just the contents, 25 cents or whatever. Part of that drink goes for rent, insurance, payroll, taxes, paper supplies, and so on and so on.

  3. You weren't "wrong", but it's up to them if they give you one or not.

    How did you ask for it? Did you just demand one, as though, duh, obviously you should be getting another one, or in a more apologetic aw shit you think I could get another one tone?
  4. See thats the point if I didnt spill the drink I wouldnt have had a need for a second, so they wouldnt be getting those additional revenues.
  5. No demands, actually I was quite contrite with that oops expression on my face (he saw me drop it). It was after he let me know that I had to pay for the replacement that I explained to him that the policy made no sense, in a very civill tone. I am sure I probably couldve schmoozed him into giving me another one, but it wasn't about the money, it was the principle. To me it was just bad business.
  6. That's too bad. Maybe he was one of those types that would have responded better to a hurry up and give me another drink before I slam your face on the bar tone and look on your face.
  7. Your story reminds me of an old joke.

    A man, lost in the desert, crawls into a small town saloon and begs the bartender for a drink.

    The bartender asks the man if he has ten dollars and the man, now almost dying of thirst, replies that he's broke.

    In that case, the bartender replies, the only drink you can get in here is out of that spittoon.

    The dying man crawls over to the spittoon and begins drinking as fast as he can.

    Seeing this disgusting sight, the barkeep tells the man to stop and he'll give him a drink, over and over again, but the thirsty man just keeps on drinking and drinking.

    When he's finished the bartender asks," How come you didn't stop" and the thirsty man repiles, "I couldn't it was all in one piece".
  8. I don't get it.
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    It was incorrect of you to expect someone else to accept financial responsibility for your mishap. Order a replacement cocktail, and if it appears on your check ... pay up and make a decision about ever returning to that establishment.

    That being said ... your bartender seems to have forgotten that he's in the HOSPITALITY business. His statement and actions were quite inhospitable, indeed. After many years of working in the kitchen, the bar, waiting tables, as a manager and as an owner, I've never heard of a policy prohibiting replacement of a drink - or entree - as a result of such an accident. Their policy was confrontational, put you in a position where you embarassed yourself and your friends and ruined what started out to be a nice evening out.
  10. You weren't wrong, just drunk.


    Be lucky they did not cut you off.
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