was Hitler right?

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  1. If it was upto him- the world would of been freed from this Israel/muslim rubbish- along with the slavs.As I get older I am starting to believe hitler knew his stuff ( after all he was Austrian).
  2. Hitler was very intelligent. He was also very imaginative. He was also very weird.

    Had the nazis developed the A-bomb first the world's population might be 5% of what it is today and being reduced daily. Some might say that would be nice. The billions the nazis would have exterminated would have said no - not really very nice. The 5% who survived would share the guilt of being mass murderers on a cosmic scale. They would live in an terrifyingly insane world devoid of human values in which human life had no meaning.

    The nazi system was such that, if successful, would have quickly reduced the human population to a few paranoids and sociopaths who would have spent all their time trying to kill before they themselves were killed. Eventually the last lunatic standing would shoot himself in the head out of sheer nastiness and the planet would at last be free of human life so that some superior life form, such as the rat or cockroach could take its rightful place as earth's dominant species.
  3. Possibly so,This is the fact that always confuses me- why do the germans have the best cars/very effective systems- even they lost the the 2 world wars
  4. The japs have the best motorbikes the germans the best cars- despite they both lost in WW2- thats always confused me
  5. America. Americans weren't better fighters but they had limitless resources. The American economy was bound to outlast the economies of the Nazis and Japanese.

    Churchill conned the US into coming into the war and when they did Churchill said he had an exhilarating sense of salvation because he knew the US capacity to produce materiel on a mass scale would prove overwhelming to the Nazis and Japanese.
  6. i am just amazed that tiny germany took almost on the whole world and almost made it in ww2.
  7. Actually they were successful only in the 1st part of the war. They had a population of 85 million at the start of the war, a strong economy and several allies. They also had a non-aggression pact with the Soviets. All-in-all they were in a much stronger position than their opponents, England and France in the early stages of the war insofar as dominating continental Europe was concerned.
  8. The Kernel appears to be forgetting, that America sold Japan the war goods necessary for the takeover of Asia following the Meiji restoration, Japan had been at war, continuously, since 1900 or so against the...well, everyone, all done with US arms and expertise.

    Germany was not a dissimilar situation.
    Chinese pattern helmets, were basically identical to US helmets, when they were fighting the Japs ages before WW2-why? Have a guess, who got the contract.

    Was Hitler right? About what? His book was rubbish, his paintings were likely not to flash, the Blitzkeig and total war had been done before.
    Not with tanks or airpower, sure, but still not so successful in the long run.
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    At that point in time they literally had nothing to lose. Having nothing to lose is the greatest motivator.
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