Was Glad to take a Loss

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Flashboy, May 21, 2007.

  1. Started trading again last week and was actually glad to take a loss today..

    I haven't had a loser since I started back trading.. a few scratches but never a loss...

    I was actually relieved today to take a small 1pt. loss in the mini SP.. simply cause I'm training myself to take small losses cause they are much easier to overcome than those of waiting for your stop to be hit.. had I not gotten out and waited for my stop to be hit I would have loss 2.5 pts. as opposed to 1pt..

    In the past I would have agonized over it.. gave up on the trade and waited for my stop to get hit.. today I got out when I knew I should and came back and turned it into a profitable day..

    funny how my mindset has changed ..I think for the better ...

    Dont' get me wrong when I say my first loss. I'm not setting the World on fire but I"m doing better.. hope it continues..
  2. Small losses lead to big gains!

    Good luck and welcome back!