was ET ranked in some rear two-hundred-th place?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by NoMoreOptions, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. what're your feeling and responses? me feeling the problem is that too much restriction on posting has resulted and continue to be helping the slipage of ET ranks. don't you agree?

    without listening to great ideas and forcasting, how does one improve ranking? I am talking aboutt trading.
  2. it's because you aren't posting enough.

    let's get to it!!
  3. Pekelo


    Why do you care where the website ranks? (by the way it ranks first in its own "trader's message boards" category, try Alexa)

    You should care about if you get out of the website what you want (info, entertainment, friendship, anger expression, etc.)

    If you get what you want here, be happy, if you don't, go and look somewhere else. (among the first 100) :)
  4. Is this the same Pekelo we know?


  5. Pekelo


    No, it is Pekelo version 2.0

    What's your point?
  6. your doing fine....carry on...looking forward to version 3.0...is that where you will post consistently or er...I mean actually post about trading?

  7. Pekelo


    Yeah, I plan to do a Journal where I manage an imaginative fund. Wait a minute! I am alreay doing it! Until yesterday it was also the most profitable journal on ET...

    Where the hell have you been?? They gave moderator privilages to people who can not use the search function?? :)

    P.S.: I am done with this thread...
  8. oh..leaving so soon? You were making your point so vividly....I think your real point was coming out nicely, when you revealed which version you were in.

    Good Trading to You.