Was Covid-19 a bio-weapon attack on China?

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Was Covid-19 a bio-weapon attack on China?

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  1. thecoder


    Was Covid-19 a bio-weapon attack on China?
  2. Ground 0 person infected was farmer working in open market; goes to animal infection source.
  3. wrbtrader


    Most are leaning the way that China released in on a small community of its own citizens while knowing they can quickly contain it but also knowing that most of the world would not be able to contain it considering the political environment.

    Yet, someone attacking China is plausible too but I'm sure they didn't think it would spread to other countries the way that it did unless those releasing the bio-weapon were also suicidal.

    Bio-weapon warfare has been around since 1200 B.C. (that's a very long time ago)...sending diseased infected people or supplies to cities and then waiting for the disease to spread to weaken the military in those cities before attacking the city.
    • In addition, its a great way to demoralize the citizens...taking the fight out of them along with causing them to lose faith in their government.
    It's also been a favorite tool of countries to conquer the land as a way to take land from the original inhabitants (e.g. U.S. settlers against Indigenous Americans) when the Indigenous refuse to cough up their land.

    It was popular back in those days because it was easier to contain the spread by the military. Doing such today when so many people can easily travel from one country to another country would be suicidal.

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  4. Pekelo


    Even if China's intention was this, why release it in their own country first? That just doesn't make any sense. Why not release it in country X, then who is the wiser about the origins and blame? The rest of the logic/plan would still work the same way.

    Not to mention who the hell knew there are this many idiots around the world??? (Well....)
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  5. thecoder


    IMO it was the Ferengi living among us undetected for thousands of years... :)