"Was Corzine even investigated?" Futures Mag article

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    Democrat Senators can be as criminal as they wish. Diane Feinstein sat on a committee that funneled contracts to her husbands' defense contractor company... no investigation at all... otoh, Sarah Palin was investigated a dozen times and had to exhaust her personal fortune defending herself. The result was that they found very nearly nothing in the way of wrongdoing and she had to quit her job as Governor of Alaska.
  3. If the customers who had their segregated funds stolen were BLACK, how many of you think we would have seen an investigation from Eric Holder?

    It sickens me that justice isnt' blind in America.
  4. What about the other people at mf global? There have been no prosecutions. Some dick head did it. Like it or not, it probably was not Corzine.
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    Given the evidence and Corzine's position at the company, he's fully culpable regardless.
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