Was congress duped again?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ang_99, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. We must go in!

    Financial world is coming to an end. We must act now!

    I'm not trying to be political but the Bush admin is good! :D
  2. Congress is Doped!:D
  3. So much for the return of the fiscal consertives. Boy I'm crushed. the damm market twisted there arms.
  4. My arse is gaped and raw...
  5. BSAM


    No.....The people have been duped.
  6. And Wall Street doesn't even have the decency to do a 500pt rally.... they better NEVER ask again.
  7. Shaqi


    the market will go down. 700billion or not

    and credit will remain tight.

    so SHORT Stocks,

    LONG JPY For a big wind down
  8. cuz69


    Screw the 500 pt rally.... Sell the shit out of this market and stick it right up the Congress asses.

    Yes people will suffer, mutual funds and pensions etc.. But after a 700 bill debt dumped on taxpayers . Now with no recovery, the public will really be pissed.

    And ultimately/hopefully they will send a message through voting.
    I think a Civil War as German Trader suggested is a little drastic, but spot on.
  9. bxptone


    LMFAO yeah let's kill each other because money was lost. This is what the fuck is wrong with this country. What stupidity.
    #10     Oct 3, 2008