Was Cheney to old to get a new heart

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  1. rew


    I don't think Dick Cheney was too old to get his very first heart.
  2. Lucrum


    He's too old to waste a heart on.
  3. Brass


    Oh, is that how you spell it.
  4. When will you get your first brain?
  5. Lucrum


    Since you failed to use a question mark I assume I don't need to answer.
  6. he's never had a heart, about time he got one.
  7. pspr


    Let me save you guys from making hundreds of posts saying "yes" or "no" in a hundred different ways.

    Liberals will say "yes, he is too old".

    Conservatives will say "no, he is not too old".

    People in the middle will split their answers between the two.

    Since there are more conservatives here than liberals, most will say he is not too old for the transplant.

    Now, save yourself from presenting your belief in dozens of ways. It's not important and a waste of your time.

    But, one question remains. Will we see Cheney's old heart for sale on eBay? :D
  8. Listed with the description "two sizes too small"

    Taken from a guy who was "cuddly as a cactus" and "charming as an eel".

  9. Cheney is an american hero.

    If it was a choice between Cheney and the drug-dealing Treyvon, the heart goes to Cheney every time.
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